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Verve Basketball Academy programs are available year-round. Packages are exclusively by application only while our camps and clinics are open to everyone, regardless of level or age! We take a holistic approach to teaching the game in a fun and energetic environment with likeminded athletes. Verve Basketball Academy has helped hundreds of athletes of all levels to realize their dreams!

We believe player success is a product of development both on and off the court. Getting to know our players as individuals so their training program can be tailored to them specifically is vital to our mutual achievement. To that end, training sessions include work in the following areas:


* Shooting
* Ball Handling
* Offensive Moves (for Guards and Post Players)
* Footwork
* Rebounding
* Defense
* Speed and Strength Development
* Mental Toughness/Confidence in Self


Level 1 Training

Level 1 is a repetition and fundamental-heavy workload.  Appropriate for kids who would benefit from mastering the basics and understanding how to be efficient. If you are fairly new to training, we suggest you start at Level 1 to get acclimated to Verve Basketball Academy. The sole purpose is to build a strong foundation enabling you to go forward successfully. This is vital! It is much easier to build correctly than breakdown and rebuild when poor habits are ingrained.

Level 2 Training

The intermediate level, this is where high repetition and a constant reconnection with fundamentals is unavoidable.  Mental game becomes more important as we develop leadership character traits that sustain the long-term athlete. Level 2 is not age based but gauged by skill and ability to both take in information and hold yourself and others accountable. Speed and real-time implementation of the skills and drills you’ve acquired are challenged here. Where your game is at now is emphasized yet we are always looking ahead. Approach Level 2 when you understand hard work, accountability, foot work and shooting properly.

Level 3 Training

This is for those approaching the Mastery phase. You should be well established in your game, everything is fluid and second nature, your ability to take in information and apply moves and reads is near-flawless. DO NOT RUSH THIS PROCESS. The goal here is to learn as much as you can while continually advancing. Focus will be on your specific position and in-game breakdown. REP DAYS are strenuous, at a college and pro level and there are no shortcuts! Expectations of a Level 3 athlete are that of an effective doer and leader. Approach Level 3 with awareness of the high demands mentally and physically.

** If you need help understanding your child’s placement, don’t hesitate to email coach Damien to set up an evaluation so we can get them in rotation swiftly and with accuracy! **

Individual, group and team training is available. Ready to work? 



Our camps are appropriate for players of all ages and abilities! Camps include skill development, competitions, real-time games and guest appearances.

* Summer Camps – The ultimate grind, these are the true measure of grit! Verve Basketball Academy approaches the summer with extreme focus and attention to detail. We leave no stone unturned as we maximize our reps and detailed development. The growth is second to none for those who show up and put in the work! Prepare to be challenged because the only way out is through. 

Standard summer camp schedule is Monday-Thursday, 7:00-2:30. Campers should bring a lunch.

* Varsity Prep Camps – Higher-level skill camps are best suited for the experienced player. These camps include precise skill development and intense competition paired with speed and acceleration drills and strength and performance training.


Stay on top of your game with a variety of Verve Basketball Academy clinics, offered at regular intervals throughout the year. 

* True Competitors Clinic – The Fall Hoopzone Clinic is a six-week program that meets one day per week between the months of October-December. Players contend in skill development, competitions and 5 on 5 games.
* Holiday Basketball Clinic – Our holiday clinic series is a fun program to break-up the winter for the young basketball player. Holiday clinics are typically 3-day programs, 3 hours each day.
* Spring Break Basketball Clinic – No plans for spring break?  Sign up for a spring break clinic where players develop skills and take part in exciting competitions.
* Mini Dribbler Clinics – This program is appropriate one for the youngsters, K-3rd grade. The aspiring stars meet with our program director to work on basic basketball fundamentals.



Jericho Sims

The University of Texas

“Damien emphesized having fun with basketball and he used his creativity to make me better with my moves. You can expect him to crack jokes while also being serious, but just know that you will improve on the court.

Individual Session Pricing

3  Sessions - $300
5  Sessions - $500
7- Sessions - $700

Bundle of 10 for $850

Small Group/ TEAM Training

3 Sessions - $450
5 Sessions - $750
7 Sessions - $1050


Bundle of 10 for $1250

Monthly Payments
Clients may elect to pay by check. Payment is due on the 1st of the month and late on the 4th.  Please be aware that kids will not be eligible to train until account is brought current!

*5% daily late fee until account is current. 

* 35.00 returned check fee and 2 bad checks will result in Verve no longer offering services.

Recurring Payments

Sign up for auto pay and your account will renew automatically at a $10/month savings.

Verve Basketball Academy does not ever have access to your credit card information and you can cancel your recurring account at any time. Notifications of failed attempts to charge the card on file are forwarded via email and kids will not be eligible to train until the account is brought current.

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