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Saint Louis University, Pepperdine University

“Damien has been the spark to my basketball career. The bond I have with him goes farther than just the game of basketball. He is someone who I look up to as a role model and mentor. Damien is someone who has supported me from the beginning and never gave up on me. I started working out with Damien as my personal trainer when I was in 10th grade and colleges were pursuing me. I am proud to say that I was one of his first athletes he trained. I still remember our very first workout like it was yesterday. After leaving that workout I couldn’t wait to come back for another. It was an hour and a half drive everyday after school for me to workout with Damien. The atmosphere was incredible, the grind became addicting. He has the ability to test your strength, your mental toughness and will push you far past your limits. He has helped me handle adversity and the life setbacks involved with basketball that has been thrown my way. The workouts are tough and competitive, you accomplish things you never thought you were capable of. Most importantly Damien has taught me how to love and cherish the game endlessly. Damien takes the time to build relationships with each athlete and will spend countless hours studying each player's game and how he can bring it to the next level. I have never met someone who is more inspiring and has so much passion to help others. Basketball has truly changed my life and Damien has been such an important part of every aspect of that in taking my game to the next level. I can’t find a way to thank Damien enough. “

Thank YOU, Damien.



Former Head Coach

West Texas A&M University

“Damien Lolar is one of the best player to ever play basketball at WTAMU.
He is certainly the best all-around player I was blessed to coach in my 30+ year career.
There was no secret to his success either.
He brought great intensity, dedication, and his A game to every workout.
He was the hardest working player I ever coached….on the floor, weight room or in conditioning.
He was the first athlete to practice every day, and he was the last player to leave every day.
There were many times that he would be in the gym at 5:00am by himself working on his game, and he didn’t just work on his strengths like some athletes do.
Great players work on their weaknesses to make their game better….which in turn makes the team better.
And I mean he really worked….he understood the value of quality time in the gym, and he always made the most of every workout.
It didn’t matter if it was defensive slides or shooting drills….the sweat was pouring off of him when he finished his workout.
I don’t ever remember him sitting against a wall waiting for workout to start…he was always doing something to improve his chances to win.
When a team’s best players are also the hardest working and most dedicated, then that team has a chance to have great success, and that’s what we had with Damien Lolar.”




Milwaukee University

"Damien developed my game in every way. focused on all aspects of improving offensively and defensively. he knew how to motivate me and was the first person to encourage me throughout every workout. workouts were always upbeat and fun because of the environment he creates. he has people in the gym who want to get better and are highly motivated while also creating relationships and having fun; it felt like a family! he also helped me throughout the recruiting process and spoke with coaches until i found the right fit at milwaukee. every summer my coaches trusted him fully to train me when i went home for break, and we’re impressed with how i returned ready for the season. not only did he help me on the court, but he was someone i turned to for life advice and he was always willing to listen. damien is the reason i was so successful in my basketball career and is still someone that i can go to for life off the court now that the ball has stopped bouncing."



Point Guard

North Dakota State University

“Damien is more than just about basketball not only does he implement how to be a great player but he makes sure that while you’re growing and maturing playing basketball you’re doing the same thing off the floor as a person . He’s helped me both transition myself from becoming a high school basketball player to a college basketball player and from a college basketball player to a professional basketball player.”




St. Thomas University

“It might sound funny, but when I think of Damien I don’t exactly think about hoops. Damien and I established a strong bond when I was just 15, going into my freshman year of high school. Being so young, it was incredible to have a friend and mentor that not only saw my potential, but respected me as a person. That is truly where we clicked. Damien is willing to spend countless hours in the gym and drive practically anywhere in the state of Minnesota to get in a gym, but the most intriguing part about his training is the mutual respect that comes from within the training. During the process of growth, the mentor and the student might not always see eye to eye, but the mutual respect between the two is what allows for leaps and bounds. There’s always room for fun around the Verve family, but ultimately we strive for maximum growth, leaving minimal room for horse play or wasted time. This is a part of the mutual respect theme, if we’re in the gym together, then we better be making progress together. Many young players may think they have the game figured out, but there’s a lot more than just combo moves and made baskets that comes with it. Damien excels in his profession because he’s smart and intentional about when and where to implement advice about real life. He has been by my side for the majority of my career, and I couldn’t have asked for much more from a “personal trainer.” It’s been a pleasure working along side him for 6 years now, and I look forward to our relationship developing in the years to come.”




Lehigh University

“Damien brings so much energy to every workout and he never gives up on his athletes. His workouts are tough, but he knows how to bring the best out of everyone. I can honestly say I had fun every time I trained with him. He made me better in every aspect of the game. I always left the gym as a better basketball player than I walked in as. Damien also focuses on building relationships with the athletes he trains and genuinely cares about them. He always has your best interest in mind and is willing to help you bring your game to the next level.”




Lehigh University

“Damien has always wanted the best for me and anyone he trains. You can always expect people in the gym when you walk in and room full of good energy and dedication from all the athletes. Damien brings out the joy in the game while making the workouts tough. Each workout is shaped for what I need personally and I am always pushed beyond what I knew I could do. I come out of the workouts a better basketball player, no doubt, but I leave his gym a better person. Damien has expanded my knowledge of the game and made me a tougher player, but he has also made me a better person. He wants the best for every player in his gym and the love for his athletes is overwhelming.”




University of Texas

“Damien emphesized having fun with basketball and he used his creativity to make me better with my moves. You can expect him to crack jokes while also being serious, but just know that you will improve on the court. Everytime I was in the gym, he was too. Most importantly he is dedicated to improving in his personal life and those values of character definitely rubbed off on me. Damien also helped me with my recruiting process and was available for talking to college coaches which helped me communicate what kind of player and person I was before making my decision.”




Denver University

“With Dame, I’ve learned a lot. I was a hard headed kid that thought he knew everything about basketball. Damien has helped me gain that maturity that i have so much needed. The little things like simply asking questions or listening to understand and not to respond.

The thing that has stuck with me for so long with Damien is that I have the choice to be great.

I’ve learned with Dame that if I come in with the mindset of getting better then i will get better because there is only so much that he can do.”

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