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Roc Rogers


Verve Training Level: 2- 3

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A previous college standout from Missouri Valley College and former pro basketball player bringing his superior work ethic and alpha attitude to Verve Basketball Academy. Roc has the ability to push your athlete to their limit. If you don’t like work, do not apply! A superior work horse himself, bring your A game or don’t bother. Expect a session with Roc Rogers to be no nonsense and no-fluff. Expect to be challenged to the max. Roc trains with truth, if your athlete works well under pressure or being put through the fire, look no further.

Quinton Jackson


Verve Training Level: 2-3

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Quinton is a former college athlete and semi pro basketball standout who has spent numerous years as a high school coach. He has an eye for high detail, especially when it comes to guard play and point guard development. Coach Q is a high-level guard who demands the same ferocity from the athletes he coaches. A workout with him will be fast paced but well-rounded, heavy on drills and game IQ.

Shane Bosek


Verve Training Level: 1-2-3

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Shane is a graduate of William Penn University with a major in Physical Education and emphasis in strength and conditioning. He brings a wealth of knowledge and playing experience to the Verve Basketball Academy team, not only on the court but also in the weight room. Shane not only broke scoring records at his former college but also played pro ball abroad. He will be handling clients in Shakopee/ Chaska/ Prior Lake. Shane is well known for running a solid on-court workout but also brings an extra layer of expertise through his certification as a strength and conditioning coach. He excels in coaching high verticals and quickness. Shane’s love for the game and loyalty to the process is unmatched, willing to go the extra mile to push players to new heights.

Grant Harbo


Verve Training Level: 1-2

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Grant is a very hard-working, extremely motivating and high IQ trainer who will be handling the Eagan/Apple Valley/ Rosemount Area. He is accessible to Level 1 and 2 clients. Grant has recently graduated college with a degree in chemical engineering from Northwestern University-St Paul. Working out with Grant you can expect that he is going to push your athlete outside of their comfort zone mentally and physically, yet demonstrate the patience and compassion to reel them back in and keep them locked in. Grant is an awesome trainer with the ability to get everything out of all levels of athletes.